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Bryan Kaplan

Founder, Construction Consulting

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RenoRun’s State of Residential Construction Report features never before seen data for local builders. This one-of-a-kind report helps builders better benchmark themselves on wages, bidding win rates, material pricing, covid actions and more. How does your business stack up on net profit margin, overages, or subcontractors wages?

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20+ Insights Every Builder Needs

  • Labour cost index for carpentry, painters, drywallers, masons, plasters, tile-installers, electricians and more

  • Materials you should stock up on now or wait to see if prices decrease

  • Renovation permit trends by borough in your city

  • Average win rate on bids and difficulty levels finding subcontractors

  • Average gross profit margin and cost-per-square-foot trends

  • Builder actions in response to COVID-19

  • and more...

Plus, the first 100 builders who download the RenoRun report, will get one free month of RenoRun PRO. That means unlimited free deliveries for an entire month on all your supplies, to all your project sites.

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About RenoRun

RenoRun is an online material supplier helping builders save time and money with easy ordering and exceptional delivery. Founded by builders with decades of experience, RenoRun caters to residential and commercial construction professionals offering quality material management, bulk discounts, custom fleets with same-day delivery and a PRO subscription for deeper discounts and perks. Builders get more done, with RenoRun. Learn more about our material and delivery services here.

Take a Penny, Leave a Penny…

Leave your mark, and become part of our quarterly report. We ask local builders to help us uncover quarterly trends that are unique to their region, and then we share the data with them. If you’d like to be part of our next report, please email survey@renorun.ca and we’ll add you to the list.

RenoRun's Q2 report tells the story of what we've all experienced here in Toronto (and many places) when it comes unprecedented shortages. Demand is still incredibly high, and supply is incredibly low. Many agents have adopted virtual mechanisms of getting back to work and the market has continued along its upward trajectory. Excited to see what Q3's data shows with the return to school!